The Charged Lepton Flavor Violation (CLFV) Conference will focus on the interplay between studies and measurements concerning charged lepton flavor violation processes. An update on the current and planned research will be given, together with the analysis of up to date theoretical scenarios. R&D programs going on to set up new detection techniques and devices will also be covered.

Searches for CLFV processes are powerful probes of physics beyond the Standard Model. This conference, the first in a projected series, will examine the status of CLFV-predicting models, both SUSY and non-SUSY, after the first LHC results, and investigate the physics accessible in the coming round of experiments. We will learn what searches for CLFV have already told us, and examine the prospects for experiments and new facilities planned for the coming decade.

The Conference will cover the following subjects:

  • Theory overview
  • CLFV observables at colliders and comparison to muon experiments
  • CLFV model constraints from MEG, BELLE/BaBar and LHCb
  • Interrelationship between CLFV and g-2, EDMs and kaon decays
  • Calculation of radiative backgrounds
  • Angular distributions and polarization
  • MEG: Status and upgrades
  • Mu3e, Mu2e, COMET, PRISM, DeeMe
  • Kaon system: Rare decay Experiments
  • CLFV at BaBar/BELLE and LHC

The Conference will be organized in plenary sessions of invited, review and poster presentations. Posters submission is very welcome, best posters will be awarded (notice of competition).

The timetable and the talk slides can be found at this link.

Some photos taken during the Conference can be downloaded at this link.


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